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Experience matters

Work order Reports and remediation

  I have worked with Barbra Pankoski and Henry Saunders for many years for Joint Commission compliance needs. We recently experienced one of the most successful Joint Commission Surveys and a large part of our success in the Environment of Care was due to the continuous Compliance Quality Checks, Life Safety building surveys and excellent Life Safety Drawings they provided. I would recommend HCT, LLC to any Hospital needing help with compliance, their dedication to our hospital, team centered approach and integrity have helped in our success with regulatory compliance.

HCT will identify areas for improvement and help you to manage repairs of deficiencies, (through Work Orders or Plans for Improvement).

​Mike Jones

​Facilities Director

​Saint Michael's Medical Center


We will meet with your compliance team to review compliance documentation to ensure accuracy and completion schedules of records.

OUR seasoned CONSULTANTS have experience across the nation

Our professional staff includes, competent, experienced,  and personable life safety consultants.  We have 50 years of combined experience in the healthcare and construction fields with a combined participation in 40 actual regulatory surveys under our belts (including Joint Commission, CMMS, DNV).

Document Review

 Healthcare Compliance Team uses surveys, interviews, and observation to conduct a comprehensive review of your facilities Life Safety features.


Education and training

Healthcare Compliance Team can provide a variety of educational opportunities. HCT also educates and proctor's exams for CHSP and the CHSP-FSM.

Your Healthcare Compliance Team

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